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The Flute

Along the path we traveled,
One day so long ago.
The woods were splashed with color,
Beneath the sun's warm glow.

The leaves were gently falling,
The fragrance so divine
And on that day so long ago,
Our hearts were firmly twined.

We sat beneath the oak tree
And carved initials there.
Emotions ran asunder,
We then our souls did bare.

Upon a hand-carved flute,
You played a melody.
I hear it often in my dreams,
You played it just for me.

We grew up and were married,
With a daughter we were blessed.
That time together was so short,
We never would have guessed.

Then one night you left us,
God came to take you home.
I missed you for so many years
And felt so all alone.

One day we'll be together,
Upon that Heavenly plane.
We'll walk the paths of Heaven
And you'll play your flute again.

Writing by:
©Mary Alward 2001
(Do not use without permission)
Email Mary

Three Flutes,
Used with permission by
© 2000 Bruce DeBoer


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